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Are You Looking For The Best Guitar Lessons In Seattle?


  • Do you wish you could play guitar, but feel like you don’t have natural talent?
  • Do you want to finally be able to play real music and stop feeling like a beginner?
  • Are you sick of being stuck at the same level of guitar playing you were at years ago?

If you said yes to the questions above, then I want you to know that I know exactly how you feel. First of all trying to learn guitar on your own will leave you with many missing pieces. You will have no roadmap or personalized directions on how to get to where you want to be in your guitar playing. When there isn’t any proper guidance and feedback how will you ever know if you are doing it right? You will also be in a constant state of being unsure of what you are doing. As a result, most people begin to believe it is their fault they aren’t playing guitar as good as they expected to. They work hard, get little, slow, or even zero results, then settle for where they are, or even quit guitar forever.

If you want more for your guitar playing then read every word on this page…

I Can Totally Relate To How Frustrating It Can Be To Learn The Guitar

When I started playing I felt like throwing the guitar against the wall everyday. I wanted to play, have fun, and sound great, but that is not what was happening. I see this scenario all the time from students who were struggling to learn on their own like you. Or from unreliable sources. Do not worry, there is great news! What I found, is that taking guitar lessons from a trained guitar teacher will make the process a lot easier. It will be a lot more satisfying and make you a great guitar player much faster. This is why my mission as a teacher is to help you play guitar and enjoy the process.
It’s time to give yourself the support, guidance, and motivation to progress and play better today. This will save you a lot of time and money and years of frustration. You will get what you need, when you need it, and train in how to apply it to real music right away. Finally stop beating your head against the wall in boredom. Play music rather than dealing with incomplete, and outdated books or videos. Finally use your time to improve rather than scouring the internet to find unreliable answers from unproven sources.
Imagine yourself playing guitar effortlessly. Now think about how good it will feel to finally be playing exactly how you want.

Testimonial for Guitar lessons in Seattle

“I stopped playing for many years. Once I started taking lessons with Seattle Guitar Mentor and I’ve been killing it ever since. I played for years and never got anywhere. In six months, I’m ten times better than I ever was before. If you’re a beginner, don’t think that you can’t do this. Don’t think that it takes some sort of natural talent, because I have none of that and I’m way better thanks to these lessons.”
Jason H.

Testimonial by Brian H. for Guitar school in seattle“It’s been a really rewarding experience for me… You can start learning guitar on your own and it’s going to be a lot more difficult. You’re going to pick up a lot of bad habits or if you to start out of the gate learning the right way to do it, it saves you a lot of time coming down the road… It sure helps having somebody who really knows what they are doing to be with you along every step of the way.”

Brian H.

Testimonial by Rebecca K. for Seattle Guitar Mentor

“I started to teach myself, got discouraged after a couple months and then put it aside. And then a couple years go by and I do the same exact thing. This has been really a lifesaver for me, because I was starting to think, “Am I gonna be able to play guitar?” I never would have thought in just 3 months that I would be able to play and that it would be so easy. It’s been really, really fun.”

Rebecca K.

Get The Support You Need To Play Guitar How You Want

We will help you to get to where YOU want to be. Our teachers will help you define what you want to do and we will create a long term plan to get you there. Furthermore, we commit to help you progress, meet your needs, and reach your goals. We identify overlooked playing problems and overcome them. You will get all the necessary tools to help you more effectively move to where you want to be. You will learn so much more than songs or musical concepts. And you will receive coaching toward success and have someone to walk with you every step of the way. You will get training to apply what you learn. As a result you will be able to integrate it right into your guitar playing, so that it will become permanent.

Testimonial by Crosby M. for Seattle Guitar Mentor“It’s been a tremendous improvement since I started taking lessons. When I was on my own it was brutal for my ears and for my girlfriend’s ears of course. But so far it’s been great. I highly recommend Seattle Guitar Mentor. It’s been a game changer for me. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.”

Crosby M.

“I’ve had my own guitar for a long time and tried to teach myself and was unsuccessful. I became very discouraged and intimidated by the guitar. Afraid to ever pick it up. But after, just one lesson, I felt a lot better about it. I feel comfortable, not afraid to make mistakes or ask questions. It is a really positive experience.”

Stacy H.

Testimonial by Kurt S. for seattle guitar lessons“I’ve been playing guitar since I was about 10 years old. After years of collecting huge amounts of books, and instructional things on Youtube. I would say that I’ve made more progress from having a human being to go in and talk to. Seattle Guitar Mentor is the only one I know to provide me what I needed.”

Kurt S.

Did You Know, Not All Guitar Lessons Are The Same?

I hear all the time about bad experiences with previous guitar lessons from new students. Lots of time and money wasted and worst of all, some were afraid to ever take lessons again. Many others come without having even realized how bad what they were learning was for them. Here is a little of how we do things and how it will benefit you taking guitar lessons with us.

Receive The Solutions And Plans You Need To Become A Better Guitar Player

Your personalized lessons will be to your level of playing ability. This includes your learning style and musical interests. Get guitar lessons in Seattle tailored to YOU with relevant content. You will also receive training in real time, so that you get lasting results. No cookie cutter guitar lessons from a generic curriculum irrelevant to your goals. Unlike most guitar teachers we have a plan for YOU.

Whether you are a beginner or have played for decades, there are many lesson options to fit your needs. You will get clear direction to bring you to where you want to go and on how to get there. We keep track of your progress, skills, knowledge, goals, and more. We also use proven strategies to overcome your guitar playing issues. You will get personal feedback on your guitar playing and musical progress.  If you do not know what your goals are, we will help you figure them out.

Get Results Up To 5 Times Faster Than Learning Online

You will train in how to practice, so that you will know exactly what to practice and how to practice it. This will help save you from years of struggles by getting you rapid results. No more guessing and hoping because, we will provide everything you need. 

Tested And Proven Teaching Methods

Most guitar teachers do not even have methods or a plan. Many know how to play guitar, but have no idea how to teach and have never studied or trained to teach guitar. We have had many satisfied students over the years. Our guitar instructors are in ongoing guitar teaching programs. This will ensure constant growth and improvement as guitar teachers.  Check out our student testimonials page. Hear more of what they have to say about their experience taking guitar lessons in Seattle with our guitar school.

“I started taking guitar lessons to improve my music theory knowledge and songwriting. Now it makes a lot more sense and I’m able to do a lot more. It’s been very beneficial to my playing and for songwriting. I’m very glad I did make the choice to take lessons.”

Drew L.

“I would definitely recommend taking lessons because it definitely makes things more fun instead of being frustrated and not knowing what to do. It really is a big loss to not know how to play something you could enjoy for life.”

Jack T.

guitar lessons in seattle Katlin“I’ve learned way more than I ever did trying to teach myself and am very happy with the progress I’ve made. The things that I’m learning are a lot of fun. And it’s things that I enjoy playing, but also the little things that are really important.”

Kaitlin B.

Give Yourself The Help And The Results You Deserve

Listening to music is a lot of fun, but playing music is way more fun. You do not want to miss out on this. By taking guitar lessons in Seattle with us you will…

  • Be Inspired And Get Fast Results

  • Increased Confidence In Your Skills And Knowledge

  • Be Able To Jam With Anyone You want

  • Professional Training And Support

  • Play Your Favorite Songs

  • Develop And Expand Your Creativity

  • Have Someone With You Every Step Of The Way

  • Build A Skill To Enjoy For The Rest of Your Life

  • Experience Tons Of Fun!

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